ONLINE COATINGS Portal is that the powerful and knowledgeable Training and Certification platform that is part of HTS COATINGS. It deals with Industrial Coating related Surface Treatment, Coating applications, Painting Inspection, and Test methodologies

The Online Coatings Training Modules has been created by Experienced Industrial Coating Experts and Specialist.  The coating specialist background from Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Marine, Shipbuilding, Heavy Industries. Many students working in Onshore, Offshore, Pipeline, Process Industries benefited from this E-learning programs. Within the near future, we decide to introduce many courses associated with other trades like welding, Insulation, Fireproofing, Hot Dip Galvanizing, Thermal Spray, Refractories and management, etc.,

After completion of online courses, the scholar can work as follows:-

Coating Inspector
Painting Inspector
Anticorrosion Supervisor
Corrosion Control Engineer
QC / QA Inspector
Protective Coating Specialist
Painting Failure Analysis Expert
SSPC Inspector / FROSIO Certification / FROSIO Coating Inspector / Coating Inspector Training /PAINTING / ANTI-CORROSION INSPECTOR TRAINING thorough HTS COATINGS


All coating professionals, beginners, and other field experts can join ONLINE Training. This E-learning mode is proven best choice from the onsite classes (especially from the COVID pandemic situation). Therefore the benefits are detailed as below:-

Accessibility – E-learning / Online mode enhances participant’s accessibility 24 X 7 & 365 days. They can use this online training at work/home/leisure time/holidays with easy access.

Economical – Online mode lessens visa/flight/boarding & lodging cost as compared with Onsite mode. Moreover, your worksite absence and subsequent loss of pay can be avoided.

Easy Access – You’ll navigate course slides/discussions / live chats / live videos / Quizzes/assignments with no compulsory readout or completion. You’ll skip / end /reverse/recap any sessions at any point in time with no restrictions. 24 x7, three hundred and sixty-five days of access with professional online course presentations by leading Industrial coating experts. “PLAN OR DEDICATE YOUR OWN SCHEDULE / TIME FOR ONLINE TRAINING”.   100% Passing rate & Success is guaranteed.

Course Recall – All course slides/contents are adopted with an audio presentation to extend student’s memory. That will be recalled during the entire phase of online courses. Any clarification needed in each slide, students can navigate during a discussion panel and immediate response delivered by coating experts. Additionally, you’ll write down all doubts and queries. If you click the Live Video button, the coating experts will explain and clear all of your doubts. Please note that we aren’t keeping automated response or call bot, but only Live video conference mode available 24 x 7 with our coating specialist.

Online ConcernmentHTS COATINGS experts are pioneers in Industrial Coating Application and Inspection segments. Thus, all our courses and contents are delivering with updated and current coating technology versions. Due to HTS COATINGS Teaching methodology and Techniques, all our students (1000+) cleared appropriate International Certification programs with a 99% passing rate. Whether it’s online mode or Onsite mode, HTS Coatings exhibited proven training records since 2014 in India and the rest of the world…

Assessment & Completion Certification – All our courses carry relevant assignments and quizzes to improved student’s knowledge. Periodic assessments will assist students in clearing final course completion. Certificates will be downloaded with ONE CLICK ONLINE MODE.

Quality Guaranteed – Our Online training contents are in line with International Inspector’s curriculum. Our Online Training knowledge will be useful to clear all International certification examinations.

Lowest Course Fees – Since 2014, HTS COATING’s motto is to deliver quality education in Industrial Coating Inspection and Application segments. Therefore the Course and Exam fees are always competitive and lowest as compared with existing training providers.  HTS COATINGS is always proud of providing the lowest course fees for SSPC Inspector Course & FROSIO Certification Course. Due to HTS quality education and affordable course fees policy, all students being trained and certified with us. SSPC Inspector course is part of SSPC USA.

“Explore & Experience our Flagship Online Course with HTS COATINGS…. Value for hard-earned money with professional knowledge /Certifications/Recognition!!!”


Many students found unsatisfactory of short duration while attending International Inspector Training courses. International Certification providers like FROSIO / SSPC / NACE / BGAS / ICORR providing various levels of certifications. Due to the short duration of those International courses, Students need additional preparatory classes. So, they are demanding in every training and certifications programs. (Coating Inspector training / Frosio Coating Inspector / SSPC Inspector / Frosio Certification)

To overcome the short-duration training, Online Coatings designed this website for various preparatory courses thorough HTS COATINGS. This E-learning platform carefully designed every chapter for the student’s easy understanding of coating inspection technology. Now, we’ve added SSPC and FROSIO related preparatory programs. Soon, we’ll add more programs consistent with the student’s choices.

ONLINE COATINGS and HTS COATINGS, wishes all our students for better career progression in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, and Heavy Industries.

online coatings, coating inspector training, frosio coating inspector, sspc inspector, FROSIO Certification
online coatings, coating inspector training, frosio coating inspector, sspc inspector, FROSIO Certification
online coatings, coating inspector training, frosio coating inspector, sspc inspector, FROSIO Certification
online coatings, coating inspector training, frosio coating inspector, sspc inspector, FROSIO Certification
online coatings, coating inspector training, frosio coating inspector, sspc inspector, FROSIO Certification



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