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Coating Inspectors & Certifications usability in our Industries

Coating Inspector, painting Inspector

Coating Inspectors & Certifications: The Global economic predicament and unemployment proportion in this world are inexorable for many intentions and reasons. In addition, recent COVID 19 made the pandemic situations and the worldwide economy is in turmoil due to relentless and unprecedented lockdown which emanated loss of employment, poverty, and other misadventures. Many industries attempting to get through their existence with good stratagems. Amidst of industrial crisis, the demand and redundancy in appropriate sectors are happening with unrelenting interposition by private and government backing.

The estimated US$2.5 trillion annual cost of corrosion worldwide (3 to 4% of GDP of industrialized countries) reflecting in all industries. The respective government not fully understanding the magnitudes of corrosion and how critical it is to control it thus the catastrophic losses are evident which is continuing further.

 “Wherever Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminium and other alloyed materials fabricated and installed, the need of coating professionals in all trades are mandatory to control/monitoring corrosion and its related protection”

 Cancer and diabetes can only be treated but not to be cured 100%. In the same manner, “Corrosion” cannot be stopped or eliminated 100%, but it can be treated, mitigated with proper control plan and procedures with the assistance of certified coating professionals.

Our anti-corrosion industries globally prospered due to everlasting corrosion and its control approaches. Whether it is a small-scale industry or medium or heavy industries, the need for corrosion control is domineering that necessitates periodic and preventive maintenance from day one of construction commissioning. In order to control/mitigate corrosion (new construction or Maintenance), the need for certified coating or painting inspectors with contractors, facility owners, or consultants is deeming mandatory.

Considering growing demand in anti-corrosion industries, the certified painting inspectors with intended knowledge and experience search is always thought-provoking for the recruiters or employers.

Which Industries, Coating / Painting professionals needed for corrosion control?

 Oil & Gas Industries:   Petroleum Refinery, LNG Plant, LPG Plant, wellhead, Gathering Station, Acid Gas Injection     plant, Crude oil Storage Tanks, Gas Pipelines, Oil Pipelines (offshore / Onshore, etc.,)

Power Plants:               Power plant, Desalination Plant, Transmission towers, Windmill, Solar plants

Petrochemical:            Fertilizer Plant, Chemical Plant, Ammonia prilling tower, Pesticides Plants

Marine Industries:    Shipbuilding, Shipyard, NAVY (Defense), Merchant NAVY, all commercial and Cargo ship carriers (including IMO compliant)

Heavy Industries:      All Fabrication Shops, all-steel Structure construction projects, Hot Dip Galvanized plants, Thermal Spray shops, Paint Shop floors, Project-based New construction paint shop floors, Field, site coatings, Aerospace industries, Defense ancillary industries, etc.,

Which title/position demanded in coating industries and its prosperous?

 Coating or Painting Inspector

This position needed for all painting and coating contractors in various industries to cater their day to day painting related inspection activities in shop floor or painting yard or site (in any sized projects in new construction and maintenance)

Coating or Painting Supervisor or Superintendent or Foreman or Chargehand

 This title also demanding in all coating related new construction projects and on a few occasions, the maintenance project also needs this trade personnel. The present industries clearly demanding that that person shall be trained and certified by International coating certification providers (FROSIO / SSPC / NACE / BGAS / ICORR / ACQPA and other country specified equivalent certifications)

Coating or Painting Head / Manager / General Manager / Director / CEO

 Presently the importance of International certifications was known by all facility owners and consultants and other employers. Therefore, the top guns also require this certification as a pre-requisite for their top management role.

How coating certifications excel in their career progressions?

Initially certified as “Coating Inspector” and the same person how he is evolving or declining his position is illustrated in the below table.

Coating Inspector progression and transformation from 1 – 5 years or 5-10 years or 10 to 20 years or 20 – 30 years (Various scenarios after training and certifications)

           Profile 1 – 5 Years 5 – 10 Years 10 – 20 years 20 – 30 Years
Those who are not interested in career progression Coating Inspector Painting Inspector Painting Inspector Painting Inspector
Those who are smart and progressing his career thru his knowledge and skills Coating Inspector Coating supervisor Coating manager General manager
Same above Painting Supervisor Coating Manager General manager Project Director
Same above Coating Manager Coating GM Director CEO / Chairman
Same above Coating Engineer Coating Manager General Manager Director
Same above Sand Blaster / Sprayer Painting Inspector Painting Inspector Painting Inspector
Same above Sandblaster / Sprayer Coating Supervisor Coating superintendent Coating Manager

Why coating or Painting Inspectors are lacking in their career progression?

Various factors involved due to incapability:

  1. Only for certification, they are putting their best efforts during the examination
  2. In principle, they are gaining knowledge during classes but in project site not implemented their skill sets
  3. Many of them lacking communication skills due to their mother tongue (this could be improved when socializing with other nationals)
  4. Interpersonal skills
  5. Analytical thinking
  6. Never upgrading their knowledge with the latest coating technologies
  7. They always limiting their skills due to their personal commitments
  8. They never try to explore coating knowledge
  9. While interacting with clients and contractors, they afraid to expose themselves as qualified and certified inspectors
  10. They never tried practical experiments Vs theory at site or field
  11. They bound to be in the same position as long as their salary received on time
  12. They are not interested in salary hike but they are keen on survival in the same company
  13. Many of them never worked with other employers. Experience shows many Inspectors are working in the same title in the same company for more than 10 to 20 years (During that tenure they might have got hardly a 10% salary hike (This hike not because of their knowledge and skill, due to their long experience with the same company.)

Which Certified Inspectors are progressing with Industry needs?

  1. Qualified and Certified Personal
  2. Honest, Sincere and diligent on his role
  3. Strong knowledge background
  4. Strong interpersonal skills
  5. Strong analytical thinking
  6. Strong personal acumen
  7. Able to perceive and react to the client’s needs and requirements
  8. Strong leadership skills
  9. Adopt to various cultures and environment
  10. Flexibility in decision making
  11. Ready to take any challenges with their employer and facility owners
  12. Ability to interpret and implement ingeniously in accordance with requirements
  13. Because of their proven and consistent performance, their progression will be automatically decided by any employer or he will decide his fortune according to his present skill set and knowledge.
  14. Those inspectors are demanded by many clients in this world
  15. Those personal were easily identified by any employer during any interview
  16. They are regularly updating their knowledge and skill according to the latest coating technologies

In order to fulfill the necessity of identifying the above challenging task, the need for Coating related training and certification by many service providers from various countries were eminent and placed regularly.

To identify the appropriate painting inspector training course providers, the student must know the following factors before selecting the right coating certification with painting inspector training.

  1. Certification recognition
  2. Certification values and knowledge
  3. Course duration
  4. Course registration process
  5. Client/operator’s recognition and acceptance (country-specific)
  6. Examination pattern (objective or descriptive)
  7. Course & examination fees
  8. Flexibility to study
  9. Applicable course contents (instead of Inspector’s related knowledge other application methods prescribed which are not needed for Inspectors but may require for supervisors)
  10. Learned knowledge usability in coating industries (This factor is very important, because, few courses providers the body of knowledge never and ever used in normal coating industries practice and codes, but namesake, the cheaper certification prevails)

Who can attend this Coating / Painting Inspector Training and their certification levels?


Any discipline students and academic background (Arts, Science, Engineering (Diploma, Undergraduate, postgraduates, research), HSE and another education background)


All coating training and certification courses conducted in English, therefore, the basic skills of English (reading, writing) are mandatory (This stipulation is applicable to all Asian countries). In other international location, the course is being conducted in their local language (Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, French, etc.,)

All Freshers can receive coating training and once passed in the examination, they will be issued Level 1 certification with a wallet card after painting inspector training

Experienced Coating personnel:

According to their proven exposure and experience in the Coating field, a student can appear for Level 2 or 3 certified Inspectors during painting inspector training.

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Venkat. R – Director-Industrial Coatings Training & Certifications-(SSPC / FROSIO / NACE / ICORR / BGAS Certified)

HTS COATINGS –FROSIO / ICorr Approved Training Body

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