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Maintaining protection Integrity is a proven difficulty by  Engineers, Inspectors, and Managers in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, and other allied Industries. Analyzing protective performance, enhancing physical appearance, the need for maintenance decisions shall be difficult for anti-corrosion professionals yet in Industries. Whether it’s paint or Coating, one must understand the differences, and principles during and after application.

So, what’s the difference between those? Various definitions are being prevailed in our industries with many inconclusive interpretations.

Paint = Appearance or Aesthetics 

Coating = Corrosion protection and Performance

Painting: is a liquid that is capable of drying and curing to endless and resilient film. The predominant purpose is to offer aesthetics and uniform finish which is additionally termed as “Decorative Purpose” only. This applied film can give uniform finish, sort of colors, weatherproof (modern paints), and mud and stain-free purposes. The importance of surface preparation is less in comparison with traditional materials. Liquid protection can usually be applied over finished concrete, gypsum, and non-importance steel materials (household items (i.e. Steel gate, house window, etc.,). Painting is often applied by brush, roller, or spray application methodology.

Examples: Acrylic, Waterborne Acrylic, Varnish, Oil-based paints, etc.,

Coating: Regarding basic ingredients, the coating is almost identical. Where paint cannot do many performances, but the coating can do with additional ingredients. The choice of generic materials consistent with the sort of substrate, temperature, environment, performance, application methods, life cycle cost, and the various factors involved. In a simple definition, Coating is applied for Corrosion protection and other intended and specific purposes, but aesthetics is a smaller amount of importance in coating than paint. However, in the final layer, the importance of finish is demanded by many industries.

The applied film can provide resistance from temperature, weather, environment, abrasion, impact, and corrosion. Additionally, the dried film may provide flexibility, corrosion protection, water permeability, color retention, anti-skinning, anti-skid, and anti-fouling, etc.,

All paints aren’t considered for corrosion protection, but in all coatings are considered as painting thanks to the superior performance with appropriate generic types. Industrial Corrosion protection, paints are being applied and its performance evaluated periodically. Coating Inspector Program / Painting Inspector Program / SSPC PCI Training / FROSIO Surface Treatment

Examples: Epoxy, Inorganic Zinc Silicate, Polyester, Vinyl Ester, Heat resistant Silicone, etc.,

Written By

Venkat. R – Director-Industrial Coatings Training & Certifications-(SSPC / FROSIO / NACE / ICORR / BGAS Certified)

HTS COATINGSSSPC / FROSIO Approved Training body (India & Global)

Mobile: +91-9176618930 / Email: / / / /

/ Coating Inspector program / painting Inspector program / FROSIO Surface Treatment / SSPC PCI Trainings





  1. gautamkrishnan46

    According to me, paints are for looks and beauty of the home and interiors. Coating is like a shield for the painting that has been done. Coating acts as retention, waterproofing, rust and corrosion containment and prevention.

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