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Painting Inspector / SSPC Online offers related to SSPC Certifications, FROSIO Certifications  being provided by HTS COATINGS which is part of Harvish Technical Services 




Onsite Course + Exam
4,00,000 5 years validity
  • 180 days online access
  • Course Manual
  • 80 hours Onsite class
  • Live Chat
  • Free Video support
  • 1 Day onsite Practical
  • 1 Day Onsite Exam
  • Free souvenirs
  • FROSIO Certificate

FROSIO Preparatory

Online Training
1,00,000 180 days validity
  • E-Learning access
  • No Certificate
  • During Exam, this online fees will be deducted

Who is SSPC?

SSPC abbreviation is “The Society for Protective Coatings” (SSPC PCI Inspector) that was Started in 1950 as the former name of  “Steel Structures Painting Council”, which is a non-profit society focused on the use of Industrial coatings to safeguard the industrial steel structural Steel. In 1997, the old name was changed to “The Society for Protective Coatings” to express the modern coating technology to the various Engineering construction substrates. SSPC is a 501(c)3 non-profitable establishment dedicated to the High protection and preservation of Carbon steel, Concrete, and other industrial and marine structures and substrates through the use of  Corrosion protective, marine and industrial coatings and offering online offers and onsite offers. SSPC is the pioneer source of encyclopedia on surface Treatment, coating materials selection, Industrial coating application, environmental enforcement, and health and safety issues that affect the modern Industrial Coating Industries.


Who is FROSIO?

FROSIO is a European member organization originated in 1986 by the Coating Industries to congregate a developing requirement of competent and certified personnel on all levels within the employer’s top management, construction, production, and Inspection of Coating works within corrosion protection and surface treatment. In 2012 FROSIO established a related system for training and certification of Insulation Inspectors.

ROSIO acts through the expression of quality requirements for surface treatment and Insulation inspectors. FROSIO endorsement and certification scheme have attained worldwide respect and a FROSIO Certified inspector is a specific requirement within different standards and specifications.

Painting inspector course / Certification is a natural career advancement for anyone with a successfully completed training or for anyone with long experience in anti-corrosion work or insulation work.

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SSPC Training & Certification

HTS COATINGS hands-on training and practical accreditations can help shape student’s professional advancement and helping them in meeting the requirements of industry-specific requirements in accordance with project specifications. SSPC training and certification has a way which would right your profession and the trades necessities