Online Coatings Gallery displays students, teachers, and course information.

  1. Online Coatings Gallery Mainspace gallery pages must be titled (e.g.) Gallery of sovereign-state flags. A single gallery section within an article should be titled Gallery. Few articles should have more than one gallery section.
  2. To be of benefit to the general reader, a mainspace gallery must meet a minimum standard of general interest. A rough gauge of this standard is the number of backlinks for a given gallery. Galleries with few backlinks are presumed to be of narrow interest; those with none are certainly so. Inlinks weigh much more heavily than other backlinks (i.e. Online Coatings Courses).
  3. A short introduction to a gallery is expected. Do not just dump the thumbs on the reader; explain in some detail why they are grouped together.
  4. Mainspace galleries must contain a predominance of images that are individually worthy of inclusion in mainspace. Grouping a large number of orphaned images into a gallery does not keep them from being orphans; nor does this make a good namespace gallery, Corrosion Control Inspector
  5. A caption must attach to every image in a mainspace gallery. At a minimum, this must link to the image page and name the image. A short description of the image is strongly encouraged, such as the date, time of day or year, portion of the subject shown, or (for derivative works) original creator. Names should distinguish one image from the next, supplying an indirect rationale for inclusion in the given gallery (i.e. Industrial Coating Courses / Industrial Painting Courses)
  6. Images of poor quality perhaps uploaded only to support the work of editors on an article, should not be included in a mainspace gallery.
  7. The gallery tag format is discouraged in mainspace in favor of better-looking, more flexible formats. Regardless of format, no gallery should be excessive in size—either in the overall number of images or in pixel width. Large galleries should be broken into smaller galleries, each indexed at a master page. (Indexed, not transcluded!)
  8. Use the categorization [[Category: Image galleries]] or one of its subcategories for all gallery

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