Painting Inspectors, Coating Inspectors


Painting Inspectors is an individual who has undergone a training and certification program such as the FROSIO / SSPC / NACE / BGAS / ICORR or an equivalent Program provided by International certification agencies. A primary role of a painting inspector is to judge the conditions where a coating, paint, or spray is to be applied and suggest the types of materials that will protect materials from harsh corrosive environments.

A Coating inspector may also be known as painting inspector

They will work in Oil / Gas / Petrochemical / Heavy Industries

Painting Inspector duties & responsibilities

  • The main function of painting Inspector would be OADR (observe / Assess / Document / Record)
  • Review & understand project specification / PDS / MSDS / other relevant approved documents
  • Carry out project PQR / PQT as per specification requirement
  • Witness / Verify only approved materials all used as per specification
  • He would assure the quality of coating application as per specification
  • Responsible for producing unbiased painting inspection reports and other documents
  • Identify any issues/defects as they occur for coating failure avoidance
  • Identify any non-conformance thorough proper system and identify facility owners
  • Witness/review daily activities (i.e. surface preparation, coating applications, etc.,)
  • Monitor weather condition/report as per project stipulation
  • Carry out Inspection / Testing as per project specification
  • Record / Document all findings / surveillance / Testing / Inspection

Coating Inspector’s pre-requisite / Evaluation during Interview

  • Having valid International certification (i.e. FROSIO / SSPC / NACE / ICORR / BGAS or equivalent)
  • Inspector’s academic qualifications
  • Inspector’s previous experience in Industrial Coating Inspection
  • Project Specific Inspection Exposure (i.e. Pipeline, Storage Tank, Vessel, Structural steel, etc.)
  • Interpersonal skills /Analytical thinking/presence of mind / Leadership /Team player skill
  • Past employers details/reasons for quitting present employer
  • Salary expectations Vs present position budget
  • Ability to work in any locations (offshore or onshore or remote locations)
  • Computer literacy (to prepare digital documentation with available Inspection software/platform

The need for Painting Inspector

  • Contractual requirements as per project specification
  • If disagreement between owner & painting contractors, third party inspector deployed
  • To fulfill Quality Control and Quality assurance requirements
  • To alleviate facility owners quality control requirements with additional staffs, the painting contractor shall provide Quality control Inspector throughout the project phase (paint shop or field or site)

Quality will not just happen accidentally, which requires quality control and assurance plan with a systematic approach with approved documents that shall be approved by the owner prior to production starts.

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