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FROSIO Surface Treatment & Coating Inspector Level 1, 2 & 3 - Credit card online payment mode for any schedule



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FROSIO Onsite course + Online course is a regular and traditional FROSIO program and in addition, we are providing Complimentary Online access also for a better understanding and knowledge perspective.

FROSIO ONSITE COURSE Features and Benefits:-

  • 80 hours Onsite course @ scheduled locations (Chennai or Indonesia or Malaysia or other locations in Asia)
  • Downloadable Course materials (Theory and Practical Books)
  • 180 Days online complimentary access
  • 24 x 7 Live chat (To clear any doubts)
  • Video chat (To clear any doubts with prior intimation @ any time/ any day)
  • 1 Day Onsite Practical session @  scheduled location
  • 1 Day Onsite Examinations (Theory & Practical) @ scheduled location
  • Free Souvenirs
  • FROSIO approved Inspector Certificate (once passed in Examination)
  • Levels will be issued according to your work experience (Proven in coating field)

    Requirements for Approval and Certification

    • Attend a training course in the inspection of either surface treatment or insulation
    • The course to have a duration of 80 hours provided by a FROSIO approved training body
    • Pass both theoretical and practical exams
    • Document relevant experience and inspection experience

    Certification levels and validity

    FROSIO certification scheme has three different levels

    • Inspector candidate certificate Level  I – White
      • Candidates with no relevant experience or less than required for level  II-Green
      • Valid for 5 years from first issue date
    • Inspector certificate Level  II – Green
      • Candidate with a minimum of 2 years relevant experience
      • Valid for 5 years from first issue date
    • Inspector certificate Level III – Red
      • Candidate  with at least 5 years relevant experience whereof minimum 2 years shall be documented inspection experience
      • Valid for 5 years from first issue date

    Relevant Experience

    Work directly connected to pre-treatment of metallic surface, application of paint and other coatings for corrosion prevention and the inspection of such work.

    Work-related to planning, production or installation of insulation materials and systems

    Such experience may be obtained within one or more of the field of the shipbuilding industry, marine and offshore installations, energy and power industry, roads and railroads, or industrial plants. Furthermore, the experience of workshops, building industry, chemical process, and paint coating industries will be considered as relevant.


    The requirement for FROSIO SURFACE TREATMENT certification is that you pass both the theoretical and practical FROSIO examination. You can attend a re-examination if you did not pass one or both of the examinations, and we recommend that you participate in the new examination(s) as soon as possible.

    If you have passed one of the Frosio painting inspector examinations, it is valid up to five (5) years. After this date, it is invalid and you must attend both examinations.
    You have three attempts to pass the frosio painting inspector examinations. If you still do not pass, you must attend a new training course.

    Contact the training body directly to register for a frosio coating inspector re-examination. They will inform you of prices and other necessary information that you might need.
    Below are links to where and when examinations are held, as well as contact information.


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