SSPC INDIA - Level 1 & 2 Preparatory class

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This optional course features:-

  • Free Course Manual
  • 180 days complimentary Online access
  • Free Video Conferencing (to clear any doubts if any)
  • 6 Months Validity
  • No Exams in this mode
  • No Certification in this mode

After attending this course (SSPC INDIA TRAINING) you will be able to:

  • Recognize the common duties, responsibilities, and the role of an industrial coatings inspector
  • Recognize the role of the coating manufacturer on a coatings project
  • Describe the authority of a coatings inspector
  • Explain the importance of thorough documentation
  • Identify the differences between quality assurance and quality control and the common duties of quality assurance and quality control personnel
  • Describe the purpose and content of a pre-job or preconstruction conference
  • Explain the importance of ethics of inspection personnel
  • Describe methods used to evaluate coating performance prior to full-scale installation
  • Describe the unique aspects of performing coatings inspection on an overcoating project and on projects employing thermal spray coatings, powder coatings, and duplex coating systems
  • Describe how coatings inspection can help prevent premature coating failure
  • List potential safety hazards associated with coatings inspection
  • Prepare an inspection plan/procedure
  • Perform coatings inspection on industrial projects
  • Compare inspection results to specification requirements
  • SSPC INDIA Level 1 & 2 Training: The course provides participants 5 days of intensive training and includes multiple workshops and problem-solving exercises so that participants may immediately apply the learning in a classroom setting without the pressures of production and project schedules. In order to enhance the learning environment and illustrate the importance of teamwork, the workshops and exercises will be done in small teams. The PCI Level 1 course is completed with a comprehensive written examination and a practical (instrument use) examination.PCI Level 2: Students passing both components of the basic course exam at 70% or higher and meeting the prerequisites for PCI Level 2 certification can take the written and hands-on certification exams on Day 6. A passing grade of 80% or higher on the written and hands-on certification exam is required to become an SSPC Certified Level 2 Coating Inspector.

SSPC INDIA Level 2 Training is Equivalent to NACE CIP Level 2, Bgas Level 2, ICorr Level 2 & FROSIO Level 2

SSPC India Training by HTS COATINGS


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