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Online Courses


Online Courses is conducted through Online by HTS COATINGS (QC Coating Inspectors) for FROSIO & SSPC. so as to realise a student’s knowledge, HTS COATINGS designed various Online courses (QC Coating Inspectors / QC Painting Inspectors) during which student can access their program 24 x 7 reception by Laptop / mobile / Tablet / Desktop, etc., during this Online packages we’ve detailed various options and their legends are detailed below.


Students can appear for the examination at scheduled locations (i.e. anywhere in scheduled International locations) for any Online Courses.


Students can access registered courses anywhere / anytime consistent with their convenient time for E-learning.


the scholar can access online course just for their knowledge and neither exams nor certifications issued


Online education (SSPC Training or FROSIO Training / FROSIO Certification / FROSIO Education / SSPC Learning / SSPC Online Classes / QC Painting Inspectors / QC Coating Inspectors) is chosen by the participant who wouldn’t be ready for onsite classes. the subsequent advantages are detailed to pick the acceptable online educational / E-learning programs. / online classes


Students have the authority to manage their professions because they’re not sure to a cumbersome roster. while conventional classroom model (SSPC Training or FROSIO Training, QC Painting Inspectors or QC Coating Inspectors), daily time schedules are prefixed, hence the scholar has no authority to override but obliging them to plan their program as scheduled. The majority of scholars choosing the Coating Inspector Program or Painting Inspector Program mind to retain other obligations, and with online learning gives them dominance over how students allocate time amidst of project tight schedule.

Interacting Opportunities

Online classes caters students with the likelihood to accompany material experts locally and Internationally. This effects various prospects in terms of an alliance with other entities within the project framework. With a comparable duration, it formulates them ethnically perceptive and prepared to accommodate into other circumstances simply known their acquaintance to varied societies.

Increased Instructor – Student Time

Students in traditional classrooms perhaps omitted personalized care as any doubts explained. this is often regularly not a struggle for this sort of curriculum because online funneled talks and personal discussions time with suitable Instructors could be a feature of the Coating Inspector program. This amplifies the possibilities of a student achieving sound knowledge. This process develops student’s problem-solving and interaction competencies, also as recognizing the trail to secure their opinions to seniors if deeming mandatory.

Entry to Expertise

Painting Inspector program (SSPC PCI or FROSIO Inspector) probably gives student’s entry to specialized Online Coating Courses that wouldn’t be available in a readily reachable with Onsite institution of learning. as an example, at HTS COATINGS you’ll pursue an SSPC PCI or FROSIO Inspector Courses with none hassle. Online Coating Inspector program enables the sharing of experience that helps more students have access to education that’s not easily accessible in specific locations. Online education / E-learning has prevalent and has evidenced majority approval. With an online mode, you’ll get to standardize your education environment, which finally assists you to advance a broad perception of your painting inspector program. The modern way of learning is always emerging within the Coating field, offering students with mixed prospects to mold their education into something that balances them in a competitive coating world. the economic Coating Inspectors education looks encouraging and divulges education to a greater segment of the inhabitants than ever before. (Frosio Training / SSPC Training / Online Educational / FROSIO Certifications / Painting Certification Course/FROSIO coating inspector / Frosio Painting inspector / SSPC Learning / SSPC Online Classes / FROSIO Education)

Lowered Costs

Online education costs enumerate many values. For occasion, there are no additional expenses for Travelling, Visa, Flight, Hotel, and native transportation costs that don’t distress the web students.